Storytelling & Your Presentation: Why & How to Find A Hero

Find a hero for the story you tell in your speech or presentation. Sometimes heroes are unlikely, as the character of a reluctant King George VI, as portrayed by Colin Firth in The King's Speech.

Find a hero for the story you tell in your speech or presentation. Sometimes heroes are unlikely, as the character of reluctant King George VI, portrayed by Colin Firth in The King’s Speech.

Do you captivate your audience with captivating characters in your presentations?

The late comedy impresario John Cantu knew that speakers must not be the heroes of all their stories. Once, we sat down together to deconstruct one of his speeches and found 62 different people mentioned! Learn from great books, plays, and films. Fill your speech with exciting characters, real and imaginary.

Want to Connect with Every Audience, Every Time? You Need To

I am often asked, “How can I be confident that I’m connecting with my audience?” The answer is, “Make an emotional connection.” Whether you speak at a boardroom table or in a vast auditorium, your goal must be to connect emotionally with your audience. Emotional connection is key to ensuring your message is heard. Here is my best advice on how to connect emotionally with any audience. Enjoy!

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How to Find Content for Your Speech – FrippVT Video

FrippVT How to Find Content for Your Speech Screenshot

Patricia Fripp explains how to create and organize content for a speech or presentation through FrippVT.

How do you find content for your speech or presentation? A treasure trove of content is waiting to be discovered in your everyday personal or professional life.  Your own experiences, even if they seem “ordinary” to you, can be a great source of relatable, entertaining and authentic content. Consider how you might incorporate stories you’re already naturally sharing with your family, friends, and colleagues. In this brief sample from FrippVT, I introduce a few basic techniques to help you start to create original, vivid stories from your own life experiences: (more…)

The Importance of A Good Story

If you remember hearing a powerful speech, sermon, or business presentation, I guarantee that one reason it was memorable is that it contained an engaging story. A relevant story is the best way to masterfully explain the complex, persuade, motivate, or inspire. In this video sample from FrippVT, I explain why stories are essential to powerful and persuasive presentations: