To Get Results, Include Images in Your Press Releases


If your press release has a picture, it might get printed just because it has a picture and the competitor’s did not.

This is advice was given to me by one of my longtime friends and colleagues from the National Speakers Association, Dan Janal. Dan is an expert and best-selling author on publicity, marketing, and public relations. Take his advice and see how you might add visual impact to your press releases.

Press Releases with Pictures Are Worth 1,000 Words
by Dan Janal

Everyone knows a picture is worth 1,000 words.  However,  many people don’t include pictures with press releases. That’s a shame because every report I’ve read recently shows that reporters – and readers – view press releases with pictures more often than press releases without pictures.

Here are several reasons to include pictures with your press releases.

1. Editors need a visual element on their web pages. They must use art to make their web pages or print pages look more appealing. A mass of black and white type is boring. They need a picture to spice up the page! If your press release has a picture, it might get printed just because it has a picture and the competitor’s press release didn’t have a picture.

Dan Janal

Dan Janal, Professional Speaker, Internet Marketing Expert & Best-selling Author

2. Pictures make a story come alive. Even a typical mug shot or a company logo will stand out from a sea of press releases that are all black and white type. Remember the saying, “In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.”

3. Google indexes pictures, so you might get more visibility and traffic when someone searches for your keyword. You could stand out because you have a picture and no one else does. You should have pictures available your website so the media can download and print them.

Dan Janal is a professional speaker, Internet marketing consultant, and best-selling author of eight business books on Internet marketing and publicity. He is the president of PR Leads Plus and has been featured ton CNBC, quoted in The New York Times, Investors Business Daily, USA Today and dozens of other publications and radio programs, including National Public Radio.The Los Angles Times called Dan Janal “an online marketing expert.” For more information visit:

Thank you Dan!

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Patricia Fripp & Dan Janal at The Lady and the Champs Speakers' Conference

Patricia Fripp & Dan Janal at The Lady and the Champs Speakers’ Conference

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