When Boring Will Not Do – Your Opening

Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp explains how to open a presentation through Fripp Virtual Training. Video Still
Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp explains how to open a presentation through Fripp Virtual Training.

An audience of one or 1,000 will forgive you of almost anything…

… except being boring. In the first 30 seconds of your speech, your audience should discover that you really do have something interesting to say.  Use your opening to immediately engage your audience and they will be much more inclined to follow your talk with thoughtful attention. Here are a few opening lines that you are welcome to borrow these and adapt them to your presentations:

 Opening Options You Can Use from Patricia Fripp

Let’s begin with a love story…

One of my speech coaching clients reminded me of the opening I suggested to her the first time we met.

“Let’s begin with a love story…not of a man and a woman. Rather a love story of a man and his passion.”

The year was… (you are transporting the audience back into the past)

Imagine… (you are transporting the audience into the future)

As I was growing up my dad/mother/teacher always told me… (this gives credit to those who shaped you into the person you now are)

Would it interest/surprise/shock/excite/amaze you to know… (add an emotion before you deliver an interesting statistic or little-known fact.

To put this report into a historical perspective… (tie this update into context)

Thank you for the opportunity/invitation to discuss…

How often have you experienced…

Give your opening words extra thought, time, and effort.

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