Rock Star Communications by Patricia Fripp how to steal the show theshow with your presentation

Executive Speech Coach and creator of FrippVT, Patricia Fripp shows you how to be a rock star communicator and steal the show with your presentation every time.

If you think you can use the first 45 seconds with an audience to “warm up,” think again! Use your opening to immediately engage your audience, so they realize from your first words, “Wow! This is going to be good!”

In an era of tough competition, presentations that persuade, educate, motivate, and inspire give you a competitive edge. Good presentation skills are no longer simply nice to have; they can mean career life or death.

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Imagine yourself in the front row of a ballroom at a convention. Sitting with you are sales professionals from all over the world. This was a software company’s challenging January sales meeting. Continue reading

If you are on the phone, a webinar, or in person, and you have a few minutes with the executive, what do you say to keep on track and be professional?

Here is an invaluable framework. Adapt it to your situation, and boost your confidence and credibility.

Imagine that you have a satisfied client company for one of your offerings. You feel now is the best time to discuss your next and higher investment offering. The team, your main contact, is ready to view a product demonstration set for the next day. All your demos are delivered in a webinar. At 2 P.M. you get a call from your main contact who says “Great news! Tomorrow our boss, who is the real decision-maker, is going to be in our office. Rather than just showing our team what you have to offer, the boss said he would like to sit in on the first five minutes. I know you will do well.”

Don’t panic. This is a great opportunity, and once you make a positive impact, the sales cycle is going to be cut short. You will not have to hear, “We love this, but now we have to convince our boss.” This is, however, now your number one priority to prepare. You may be seasoned, but take this seriously. Your sales manager is always telling you, “Sell to the C Suite.” This is your chance. Remember these five simple suggestions for sales success. Continue reading

Darren LaCroix explains how to make bad slides into good slides to improve your presentation.

Presentation expert, Darren LaCroix explains why we can’t overlook bad slides if we want to deliver good presentations.

Do your slides support your message? Or do they distract your audience? My friend, fellow presentation skills expert, Darren LaCroix, explains why presenters cannot overlook the quality and design of their slides. Join Darren and me March 3 & 4th, 2017, when we team up with other top speaking industry insiders for the Lady and the Champs Speakers’ Conference in Las Vegas. If you are a speaker, author, consultant, coach, sales professional, or Toastmaster, this event is for you. If you can’t attend in person, you can still attend via live chat and access recordings for one month after the event. Until then, Darren explains how he improved his presentations by improving his slides: Continue reading

Patricia Fripp explains the role authentic stories play in making presentations successful.

Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp on the role authentic stories play in making presentations unforgettable.

Have you ever attended a speech where you left energized and enthusiastic, only to get sidewalk amnesia? You forget why you were inspired, and by the time you hit the car, the speaker’s message, and your excitement, is lost. Have you ever delivered presentation like that? An unforgettable presentation, is sticky. It sticks with people and influences them long after the conference is over. Vivid and authentic stories are essential to presentations that “stick.”

Most of the stories I use in my presentations are about what happens around me, what I observe, what I learn. They are stories based in fairly ordinary life experiences. I have not cured cancer. I have not overcome cancer. I have not climbed Mount Everest. I am just a successful entrepreneur who learned from my parents, learned from my clients, learned from my friends, and relate the stories of these experiences to my audiences. It was a turning point in my speaking career, when I realized I had the confidence in my own authentic stories to match the confidence I had in my speaking skills.

Join me March 3 – 4, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada and learn how to Create Unforgettable Stories at the Lady and the Champs 2017 Spring Speakers’ Conference. If you are a speaker, author, consultant, coach, sales professional, or Toastmaster, you need to be at this live event! Continue reading

Patricia Fripp Executive Speech Coach speaks on Presentation Basics through FrippVT.

Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp explains the basics of good presentations through FrippVT.

Let’s go over the basics of a good presentation. Whether it’s an important conversation or a formal presentation, you need:

  • Scintillating content
  • Strong speech structure

You need to:

  • Start on a high
  • Close with the impact

And you need: Continue reading

When you have to give a speech or presentation, how do you decide what to wear? Maybe you haven’t considered how your appearance can influence your audience’s response to you? In this short video, I share a few tips, for both men and women, on how to dress in a manner that will support your message rather than detract from it.

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Screenshot from Find the Opening for Your Speech Video

Find a great opening line for your presentation with help from Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach and creator of FrippVT.

Sometimes the ideal opening line is already right in front of you. Pay attention to your conversations. Great content, including the perfect phrase to open your presentation, can pop up in the middle of a conversation. I spend a lot of time with my professional speaker friends and often in the middle of a conversation I’ll ask, “Do you ever say that in your presentations?” “No,” is the usual response.  I say, “You should. It’s better than your content.” This is because, what you say that captivates your friends is exactly what an audience will love.

I share this video explaining how sometimes a great first line is waiting to be discovered in what you are already saying. Give your opening words extra attention. When you immediately engage your audience, you help to ensure the overall success of your presentation. Enjoy!
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