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Find a great opening line for your presentation with help from Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach and creator of FrippVT.

Sometimes the ideal opening line is already right in front of you. Pay attention to your conversations. Great content, including the perfect phrase to open your presentation, can pop up in the middle of a conversation. I spend a lot of time with my professional speaker friends and often in the middle of a conversation I’ll ask, “Do you ever say that in your presentations?” “No,” is the usual response.  I say, “You should. It’s better than your content.” This is because, what you say that captivates your friends is exactly what an audience will love.

I share this video explaining how sometimes a great first line is waiting to be discovered in what you are already saying. Give your opening words extra attention. When you immediately engage your audience, you help to ensure the overall success of your presentation. Enjoy!
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Rock Star Communications by Patricia FrippIn an era of tough competition, presentations that persuade, educate, motivate, and inspire give you a competitive edge. Good presentation skills are no longer simply nice to have; they can mean career life or death.

Imagine yourself in the front row of a ballroom at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Sitting with you are 1,500 sales professionals from all over the world. This was a software company’s challenging January sales meeting.

That company had recently bought a competitor, and 40% of the sales professionals had nothing to do with the decision. The VP of Human Resources challenged the president: “We need everyone to know they are working for the right company, at the right time, that our strategy is sound, and that they can have a great career with us. You are an engineer, a brilliant leader, and rather shy. You are not a bad speaker; for this meeting, however, we need for you to become our corporate Rock Star.

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Patricia Fripp explains shows you how to structure a sales presentation through FrippVT.

When you know you’ll you have a few minutes to present to a true decision maker, what do you say? Don’t panic. This is a great opportunity. Be prepared and get to the point.

Remember, with a senior level executive you must be clear, concise, credible, and able to articulate your bottom line. Always start with structure. No matter the importance of your message, your presentation will only be successful if you first recognize the importance of structure. I discuss structure in this video excerpt from FrippVT: Continue reading

Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach & Creator of FrippVT

Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach & Creator of FrippVT

Stand still at the start of your presentation. Your audience members need a moment to become accustomed to the sound of your voice, your style of speaking, and sometimes your accent. After this, incorporate movement into your presentation, only if your movements are purposeful and support your message. Unconscious expressions of nervous energy will detract from your message. Continue reading

Job Interview

Do you ask the right questions? Do you ask the tough questions? Do you truly listen to the candidate’s responses to your questions?

How good at you at interviewing? Leading sales strategist, Jim Pancero says there are four interview mistakes most sales managers make when interviewing a new candidate for their sales team. Rather than hiring as usual and hoping for the best, apply Jim’s list of 20 tough questions to help you select the most qualified candidates. Jim Pancero and I recently teamed up for a discussion on advanced sales skills. This information-rich web event was provided for experienced sales pros as part of the FrippVT Sales Series. You can watch a video replay below. I also share Jim Pancero’s must-read article to help you select the most qualified candidates for your sales team: Continue reading

Robert Fripp performing with King Crimson.

Robert Fripp performing with King Crimson.

This is a time of the year that many friends and families get together for a special meal and give thanks, even if it is not their normal habit to do so. The grace that Brother and I have adopted works well for all faiths and is as follows.

This was the grace used when my brother Robert Fripp was in retreat with J.G. Bennett:

All life is one and everything that lives is holy.

Plants, animals and people all must eat to live and nourish one another.

We bless the life that has died to give us food.

Let us eat consciously, resolving by our labors to pay the debt of our existence.

For anyone who is interested in Robert Fripp and King Crimson check out their new website Disciple Global Mobile known as DGM. Robert Fripp says on the home page, “A small, versatile and independent website packed with exciting ways to extract your hard-earned pay.” However, there is a lot more than that. Robert is on tour with King Crimson in Europe where they are playing to sold out concert halls.

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Sales Professional making prospecting call.

Prospecting is still one of the best ways to uncover new business opportunities.

Prospecting can be one of the most frustrating aspects of selling. Leading sales strategist, Jim Pancero shares this four-step process to reduce frustration and increase results when you reach out to prospects.  Discover how your personal selling style and philosophy could be dramatically impacting your level of success. You will learn what it takes to gain an advantage. We know you’re good, now the question is are you ready to get even better? Continue reading

Jam Jars

The brain can be­come overwhelmed when evaluating multiple products, even those as simple as jam.

You’ve probably heard, “A confused mind always says, ‘No.'” Well, it’s true. In my work with sales professionals, I remind them that unnecessary industry jargon can overwhelm prospects. David Hoffeld, author of The Science of Selling would add that too many options can also overwhelm. David was my guest at a recent FrippVT Sales Series web event. This excerpt from David book explains how limiting options can actually boost sales and watch the replay of our recent web event:

Presenting Too Many Choices

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