Increase Sales through Selling Value by Don HutsonHow to Increase Sales by Asking Great Questions

How To Get Amazing Results From Selling Value

How To Get Amazing Results From Selling Value

By Don Hutson, CSP, CPAE, Best selling author

The first issue with asking prospective clients questions is: Do YOU have the inclination to do so? Many people go right into a discussion of their capabilities or products, their company, etc. without enough “discovery” taking place.

Consider this; anyone who goes into a presentation without performing some needs-analysis first is NOT a professional!

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Amaze Every Customer Every Time book on Customer Service

Amaze Every Customer Every Time

What Is The Secret of Amazing Customer Service?

Customer Service and Sales Expert Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken and Patricia Fripp join forces for How Customer Service Drives Sales.

Would you believe attitude?

By Shep Hyken, CSP, CPAE, Best selling author

I was recently invited to meet with a group of 12 executives to talk about customer service. I decided that for this more intimate group setting I would take an interactive approach, a dialogue with the audience rather than a speech or presentation. For one exercise, I divided the executives into two groups. One group was to discuss the best customer service experiences they had ever had, and the other group was to discuss the worst. The two groups were instructed to choose one experience to share – the best of the best and the worst of the worst – when we came back together after 10 minutes.

As it happens, both of the examples they shared came from restaurant experiences. The best customer service story was about a server who went above and beyond when a diner requested a specific beverage, but the restaurant didn’t serve that brand. The server called his wife and asked her to go purchase the drink at the grocery store and bring it to the restaurant. The guest was surprised and delighted, not only to get her drink of choice, but also with the server’s extra effort to take care of her.

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Imagine that you’re waiting offstage, about to deliver an important presentation. Are you a little bit nervous? Are you warming up? Or, have you found a comfortable chair in a corner where you can surreptitiously check your messages? (Hint: This would be a mistake!) In this brief video sample from FrippVT, I explain what you should and shouldn’t do in the minutes before you take the stage:

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Patricia Fripp Executive Speech Coach explains how to add value to a message to a Coaching Client

Executive Speech Coach & Creator of FrippVT, Patricia Fripp in helping a client add value to his message.

Some presenters are silly enough to think that if they talk longer, they are giving more value or getting their point across more effectively. Actually, audiences of any size, from 5 to 500, are eager for content to be presented as efficiently and as memorably as possible.

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Great Communication Skills demonstrated by two professionals talking

Employers want to hire people who can communicate effectively and work well with others.

Being a competent, confident communicator is key to career success. Unfortunately, many begin their careers without adequate communication skills, even the college educated. Do you have the training, practice, and tools you need to communicate and lead effectively? As an in-demand speech coach and the creator of FrippVT, I know that even if you aren’t a natural communicator, you can transform your speaking skills and equip yourself to reach your career goals. I share this from Toastmasters International:

Improving Communication a Key to Closing Millennials’ Workplace Skills Gap

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Speech Coach and Keynote Speaker Patricia Fripp on Stage

Your speeches will be more effective when you tell better stories. In-demand speech coach and creator of FrippVT, Patricia Fripp explains how.

If you are a leader, manager, executive, sales professional, or keynote speaker, you are more effective when you tell great stories and use good examples. These three techniques will help you turn simple stories into examples that will be remembered and repeated:

  • Think chronologically.
  • Use shorter sentences or phrases.
  • Consider each visual scene.

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Business Networking Online SummitLearn from more than 35 experts, for free, at the THE Business Networking Online Summit. You’re smart enough to know that people buy from people they know, like, and trust. Professionals will always network, form relationships, develop communities, pass referrals, and support each other in business and life. We can’t live and grow business without strong relationships.

As professionals, it’s important that we become masterful networkers, connectors, and voices of influence. Create more success in your business through networking and connecting.

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Do you know the diference between low trust and high trust selling?

High trust selling begins with a mindset of a commitment to the long-term.

The world of business has changed and continues to change dramatically and rapidly. Markets have grown from local to national to global. Technology no longer offers a competitive advantage, and customers have become much savvier. All of these changes and more have created an environment in which salespeople must adopt new attitudes, learn new skills, and gain a new understanding of how to approach their markets and work with customers.

Tony Alessandra is an expert in behavioral styles and sales. Patricia Fripp is an expert in sales presentations. Together they are an unbeatable combination at how to drive sales and be more persuasive.

6 Rules of High Trust Selling

by Dr. Tony Alessandra

No doubt, you have seen this quantum shift and its consequences in your industry: your competitors have increased in number and become more aggressive. Your products or services are more difficult to sell than in the past. It has become a challenge just to differentiate your company from your competitors, and price issues are a constant problem. Continue reading