Amazing But True: Patricia Fripp Packs Powerhouse Presentation Skills Training to Launch Shy Engineers into Sales Superstars

It is true, clients will tell you “Patricia Fripp packs powerhouse presentation skills training to launch shy engineers into sales superstars. ”For technology-centric companies, increased and diverse competition requires new thinking about the makeup of their sales force. For years, sales pros have rejected the idea of engineers at the table with prospective customers for obvious reasons: namely, the clichéd notion that engineers can't speak effectively on sales calls.

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Patricia Fripp has debunked this myth. As a matter of fact, after 30 years of training technology business leaders to get their points across more effectively, she believes that engineers who can speak the language of sales can provide tremendous opportunities for corporate revenue growth. She also believes that any engineer can be trained to become an effective sales asset with a combination of personal training and her interactive, web-based virtual training.

The main reason it’s vital to train engineers to sell is because engineers are on the front line of development. They are the people closest to the products and services offered by the companies they work for. Sales cycles are shorter today. Buyers are smarter and, far too often, prospects have developed a bias before a salesperson has a chance to present.

To achieve revenue goals, technology-centric companies need more engineers with sales skills to build customer trust and increase technology adoption. Fripp sums it up in a single word: trust.

Today’s technology-centric offerings are often high-stake purchases.

Companies cannot afford to make high-ticket, technology acquisition mistakes. Engineers can help bridge the knowledge gap between what a prospective buyer wants to achieve and the capabilities of the technology offering.

Internal engineers and technical professionals who can sell can be far more effective at building trust with prospective customers than non-engineering sales professionals. They can provide a direct path and a measurable outcome for the prospect as long as they understand the customer’s needs and can balance those with their own technical acumen. With such technology-centric offerings, all companies are service companies. The reason is simple: technology buyers require support in selecting, integrating, and deploying products within their ecosystem. Being a successful “widget-only” company is a thing of the past, and it’s the number one reason why engineers need to be trained to speak the language of sales. Corporations are increasingly held to higher standards and greater accountability, and having engineers at the sales table can make the difference between a happy customer and a lawsuit.

The challenge has been figuring out the best way to get engineers and technical professionals the sales-focused, presentation skills training they need in a manner that’s both effective and economical. Companies need a training solution that matches their needs, schedules, and budgets. As a result of this demand, Patricia Fripp offers the following solutions to build your engineering team into a fighting force to support your sales efforts.

How Engineers Can Become Great Speakers Easily, Conveniently and Quickly

With Patricia Fripp and FrippVT, you can now choose the solution that’s best for your needs. The benefits of Fripp’s solution include:

  • Expanding your sales force without expanding your headcount
  • Increasing the recall and relatability of your sales presentations
  • Leveraging your smartest team members with greater precision to close more deals in less time.

She has been teaching executives and engineers to speak the language of sales since 1990.

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