So You Are Nervous about Your Upcoming Speech?

Patricia Fripp executive speech coach teaches speaking techniques to make you less nervous when presenting.

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Perhaps you can relate to this situation: “Hi, Fripp! Next week I’m invited to deliver a speech to a 500-person audience, and it’s been six months since I’ve spoken in public. What are your suggestions to help me be less nervous?”

No matter how seasoned you are, it’s still natural to feel some apprehension at times. I share some strategies for overcoming nervousness below. To get over feeling nervous, start by building from your strength. Enjoy this replay from my recent webinar to help you structure your speech then enjoy my article explaining how to build your confidence and prepare for your presentation:


How to Absolutely Always Open Your Presentation with Impact

Executive Speech Coach Patricia Fripp, “Always open your presentation with impact.”

Without exception, every executive speech coaching client I work with needs my help with the opening of their presentation. Even if no other part of your presentation is scripted, you must always script the first three or four lines. Not that you’re going to read them! Instead, you will rehearse them so that they are so internalized that your spouse could elbow you in the middle of the night and you could deliver your opening. If you would like to improve the way you open your presentations, why not watch How to Open Your Presentations with Impact. No matter who your audience is, or how long you have to speak, you need to get off to a good start.


Rock Star Communication: How to Steal the Show Every Time 3 of 4

Rock Star Communication by Patricia FrippEven highly intelligent, well-educated, and ambitious executives can find themselves at a loss when called on to deliver a powerful presentation. The good news is, even if you’re not a born speaker, you can learn how to inspire action and commitment. I share the ROCK Star Principles one shy engineer used – and you can also use too – to become a ROCK Star communicator in the business world.


How to Make Your Presentation “Stick” – Tell Authentic Stories

Patricia Fripp explains the role authentic stories play in making presentations successful.

Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp on the role authentic stories play in making presentations unforgettable.

Have you ever attended a speech where you left energized and enthusiastic, only to get sidewalk amnesia? You forget why you were inspired, and by the time you hit the car, the speaker’s message, and your excitement, is lost. Have you ever delivered presentation like that? An unforgettable presentation, is sticky. It sticks with people and influences them long after the conference is over. Vivid and authentic stories are essential to presentations that “stick.” (more…)