Want to Connect with Every Audience, Every Time? You Need To

I am often asked, “How can I be confident that I’m connecting with my audience?” The answer is, “Make an emotional connection.” Whether you speak at a boardroom table or in a vast auditorium, your goal must be to connect emotionally with your audience. Emotional connection is key to ensuring your message is heard. Here is my best advice on how to connect emotionally with any audience. Enjoy!

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What Should You Wear When You Are Giving a Speech?

When you have to give a speech or presentation, how do you decide what to wear? Maybe you haven’t considered how your appearance can influence your audience’s response to you? In this short video, I share a few tips, for both men and women, on how to dress in a manner that will support your message rather than detract from it.


How to Reduce Frustration & Increase Results in Prospecting

Sales Professional making prospecting call.

Prospecting is still one of the best ways to uncover new business opportunities.

Prospecting can be one of the most frustrating aspects of selling. Leading sales strategist, Jim Pancero shares this four-step process to reduce frustration and increase results when you reach out to prospects.  Discover how your personal selling style and philosophy could be dramatically impacting your level of success. You will learn what it takes to gain an advantage. We know you’re good, now the question is are you ready to get even better? (more…)

Why Stories Are An Unparalleled Way to Make Sales

The Science of Selling by David HoffeldIt might be easy to resist a sales pitch, but few can resist a good story. We grow up feeling that a story is a reward. In sales, stories are the best way to clarify the complex, create emotional connection, and persuade.  David Hoffeld, author of The Science of Selling, was a guest on my Fripp Sales Series webinar and discussed the science behind the unparalleled power of storytelling and a lot more. I share a video replay of our conversation – plus, David’s article explaining why stories are essential to sales.