How to Stay Clear, Concise & Focused on Your Prospect’s Needs

prospect's needs must be central to your sales presentations from FrippVT

Patricia Fripp explains how to make your prospect’s needs central to your sales presentation through FrippVT.

Selling to large enterprises can be complex, but your sales presentation does not have to be. You are often speaking to the audience of your audience. In other words, your presentation will be repeated and discussed for months with individuals you may not have met.

When your message is clear, concise, and focused on the prospect’s needs or opportunities, you have their attention. Everyone on the presentation team must deliver a consistent message and be well rehearsed. (more…)

Bad Slides Distracting Your Audience? How to Make Yours Good

Darren LaCroix explains how to make bad slides into good slides to improve your presentation.

Presentation expert, Darren LaCroix explains why we can’t overlook bad slides if we want to deliver good presentations.

Do your slides support your message? Or do they distract your audience? Presenters cannot overlook the quality and design of their slides. Find out how my friend and fellow presentation skills expert, Darren LaCroix improved his presentations by improving his slides:

Defend It Or Die!

by Darren LaCroix, CSP

When you see a courtroom drama on TV or in a movie, you see both the prosecutor and the defendant’s lawyers pleading their cases. You hear arguments from both sides as to what happened and why. You see forensic experts go over the evidence to explain it. As viewers, the more evidence we see, the clearer things become. If we only had that kind of time when we’re on stage delivering our messages. (more…)

Sales Presentations – How to Be Clear & Concise: Start with Structure

FrippVT Fripp Presentation Structure Video Screenshot

Patricia Fripp explains shows you how to structure a sales presentation through FrippVT.

When you know you’ll you have a few minutes to present to a true decision maker, what do you say? Don’t panic. This is a great opportunity. Be prepared and get to the point.

Remember, with a senior level executive you must be clear, concise, credible, and able to articulate your bottom line. Always start with structure. No matter the importance of your message, your presentation will only be successful if you first recognize the importance of structure. I discuss structure in this video excerpt from Fripp Virtual Training: (more…)

The Research on Why Limited Options Can Actually Boost Sales

Jam Jars

The brain can be­come overwhelmed when evaluating multiple products, even those as simple as jam.

You’ve probably heard, “A confused mind always says, ‘No.'” Well, it’s true. In my work with sales professionals, I remind them that unnecessary industry jargon can overwhelm prospects. David Hoffeld, author of The Science of Selling would add that too many options can also overwhelm. David was my guest at a recent FrippVT Sales Series web event. This excerpt from David book explains how limiting options can actually boost sales and watch the replay of our recent web event:

Presenting Too Many Choices

by David Hoffeld (more…)