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Increase the Speed With Which You Succeed as a Speaker

Patricia Fripp & Lois Creamer Advice for Speakers


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

10:00am Pacifiic

Join Hall of Fame keynote speaker and executive speech coach Patricia Fripp and Lois “Book More Business” Creamer to learn how to improve your presentation skills and marketing you and your services.
Listen and learn Fripp’s 6 suggestions to improve your presentations within a month. Be amazed at Lois’s insights into marketing mistakes speaker make and how to avoid them.

Lois "Book More Business" Creamer

Lois “Book More Business” Creamer

After this event you will not look your presentations the same way ever again.


You wll 



Increase the Speed With Which You Succeed as a Speaker

Habits of High Performing Individuals: Patricia Fripp Talks to Don Yaeger

Fripp Success Series


Tuesday, October 11, 2016

1:00PM PT


Habits of High Performing Individuals: Patricia Fripp Talks to Don Yaeger

Don Yaeger Best selling author

Don Yaeger, CSP
Best selling author

Don is a Certified Speaking Professional, 8-time New York Times Best-Selling author, team culture expert and popular keynote speaker.

Listen in as Don Yaeger reveals lessons learned from great winners that empower you and your team to pursue greatness both professionally and personally. Don is in-demand to discuss lessons on achieving greatness, learned from first-hand experiences with some of the greatest sports legends in the world.


As a result of more than 25+ years of researching and interviewing some of the greatest winners in sports, Don Yaeger has distilled 16 Consistent Characteristics of Greatness that have vital personal and professional applications.

Few can lay claim to as exciting and colorful a career as Don Yaeger.

As an award-winning keynote speaker, business leadership coach, an eight-time New York Times Best-selling author and longtime Associate Editor for Sports Illustrated, Don Yaeger has fashioned a career as one of America’s most provocative thought leaders. As a speaker, he has worked with audiences as diverse as Fortune 500 companies and cancer survivor groups, where he shares his personal story.


Habits of High Performing Individuals: Patricia Fripp Talks to Don Yaeger

Put the Power into Your PowerPoint

Fripp VT Users meeting

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

3:00pm Pacific (6:00pm Eastern)

3rippVT Users Meeting: Put the Power Into Your PowerPoint with Jim Prost

Jim Prost works with Patricia Fripp’s clients in developing their natural abilities to become outstanding, confident presenters and in designing PowerPoint presentations that truly support their message, rather than distract from it.Fripp Virtual Training

Before and After The first three FrippVT Users who reply and request a “makeover” will be able to send up to 5 slides for Jim to review and replace.Learn the principles to improve your sides and enjoy the before and after.

Jim Prost PowerPoint Expert and Executive Speech Coach with Fripp Associates

Jim Prost PowerPoint Expert and Executive Speech Coach with Fripp Associates

Jim’s clients include the United States Air Force, Advanced Micro Devices, the American Marketing Association, the Haas Business School at the University of California Berkeley, the Graham School of Business at the University of Chicago, Stanford University, SBC Communications, California Credit Union League, Xerox Corporation, California State Automobile Association, and Meeting Professionals International.









Put the Power into Your PowerPoint

Patricia Fripp & Tom Redmond: Selling From the Inside Out

Sales Series webinar


Tuesday, November 1,2016

3:00 PT (6:00pm ET)

Fripp Sales Series Webinar

Selling From the Inside Out: Advanced Sales Overview

Tom Redmond Selling from the Inside Out Sales expert

Tom Redmond
Selling from the Inside Out
Sales expert


Selling From the Inside Out Tom Redmond Sales Expert

Selling From the Inside Out
Tom Redmond Sales Expert

Tom Redmond will share his “street-level” guide to sales success.
Learn how to follow the Sales Process Map and sales will come in.
Understand the leading sales indicators and when to course correct.
Develop a personalized process and anticipate when your prospect will stall.

Tom Redmond, Jr. is the founder and president of Redmond Group, Inc. He enjoyed success for over four decades in sales and management in the Insurance industry. For the last twenty years, his firm has successfully assisted clients in designing systematic sales processes, process maps and measurement protocols for new business development.





Patricia Fripp & Tom Redmond: Selling From the Inside Out

It Is Not Who You Know as Much as Who Wants to Know You

Breakout: Super Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets

International Executives Association Convention

November 2-4,

8:00am Pcific

Hyatt Fisherman’s Wharf Hotel, San Francisco

555 North Point Street

San Francisco, California, 94133

It Is Not Who You Know as Much as Who Wants to Know You

District 7 Toastmasters Portland Fall Conference

District 7 Toastmasters Portland Fall Conference

Saturday, November 5


Warner Pacific College -

2219 Southeast 68th Avenue

Portland, OR , 97215

Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp keynote speaker and presentation expert.

District 7 Toastmasters Fall Conference Portland November 4- 5

Patricia Fripp will conduct an interactive coaching session on Friday evening.

How You Can Electrify an Audience: Proven Techniques for Career Success

There is nothing more exhilarating than the feeling of walking away from an audience knowing you just hit the mark with your presentation! It’s great connecting with the audience, feeling the energy in the room, and seeing the smiling faces and knowing you made a difference to improve their life and career. This is a perfect program if you:

  • Speak to audiences of one or one thousand, in board rooms, sales meetings, staff meetings, or convention halls.
  • Are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced presenter.
  • Consider yourself an ambitious professional who plans to excel in your career.
  • Want proven techniques to prepare successfully for every speech.

In 1975, our guest speaker Patricia Fripp joined Cable Car Toastmasters.  Since then Meetings and Conventions magazine named Patricia “One of the 10 most electrifying speakers in North America.” Kiplinger’s Personal Finance wrote that the sixth best investment in your career is to learn presentation skills from Patricia Fripp. She is a Hall of Fame keynote speaker, executive speech coach, sales presentation skills expert and online training expert. Patricia was the first female president of the over 3,500-member National Speakers Association. She was the second woman to ever keynote an International Toastmasters convention. At last summer’s convention in Las Vegas Patricia was the opening keynote speaker.



District 7 Toastmasters Portland Fall Conference

Patricia Fripp Sales Series: Advanced Sales with Jim Pancero

Patricia Fripp Talks to Sale Expert Jim Pancero


Wednesday, November 9

1:00pm Pacific

Patricia Fripp’s interview with Jim Pancero will be an information-rich experience discussing high-level advanced sales skills aimed at experienced sales pros who already know how to sell.

Jim Pancero Sales Strategist

Jim Pancero
Sales Strategist

You will learn how what it takes to gain a competitive selling advantage in this rapidly changing time. Understand how your personal selling style and philosophy could be dramatically impacting your ability to sell. We know you’re good, now the question is are you ready to get even better?
If you are excited, motivated and ready to improve your sales success sign up for the Fripp Sales Series with Jim Pancero. Jim is known for his leading-edge solutions that you need to increase your competitive sales advantage.  For more than 30 years Jim has been influencing, guiding and inspiring sales professionals in more than 80 different industries to increase sales and market share.

Patricia Fripp Sales Series: Advanced Sales with Jim Pancero

How to Electrify An Audience

National Speakers Association Greater Los Angeles Chapter

National Speakers Association Greater Los Angeles Chapter meeting

November 12

8:30am- Noon. Academy 1:00-5:00 pm

Near LAX

Near LAX

 How to Electrify an Audience: NSAGLAC November 12. Link and location coming soon.

Don’t miss Patricia Fripp at the November chapter meeting, where she will share her techniques  on becoming a powerful presenter and how to electrify an audience every time!

You get the opportunity put your opening lines under the magnifying glass and get a mini-coaching session during the meeting. See you there!

How to Electrify An Audience

CAPS Convention 2016

Canadian Professional Speakers Convention

December 4-6, 2016

Renaissance Edmonton Airport Hotel

4236 36th street

Nisku, AB Canada

December 4: Patricia Fripp Master Class on Powerful Presentations
Under the Magnifying Glass Up Close and Personal: You are the Star
Fripp is well-known for her Fripp Speech Structure which is designed to simplify and dramatize your presentations quickly and effectively.
Once we have this framework the rest of the session is highly-interactive. As you will discover it is easier to be creative when we collaborate. The audience will be invited to develop their own “audience focused” outline for review.
Next, willing volunteers will be invited to deliver a small portion of their presentation, and Patricia Fripp will add her laser-focused coaching.
As we put their content Under the Magnifying Glass and take a closer look, you can test your speech coaching skills and apply what you discover to improve your presentations.
You will come to appreciate the focus on word choices, the degree of specificity, the amount of drama, the emotional connection, and the clarity of the message.
Audience members, as well as “coachees,” will learn by watching how a word, a pause, or a movement can impact every presentation. See for yourself why Patricia Fripp is considered “the Steven Spielberg” of executive speech coaching.

December 5: Keynote Under the Magnifying Glass Up: Good to Great Presentations


CAPS Convention 2016

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