Ask Fripp Your Question About Public Speaking

I am happy to answer your questions! However, the most difficult thing for us all to learn, myself included, is to edit our remarks. So, can you make your questions, clear, concise, and if possible in one sentence?

Thank you,

Patricia Fripp

  1. Do speeches typically have an “emotional roadmap”–that is, a method for creating and seizing interest and turning it into action? Can you describe some the signposts a speaker should touch along the way?

  2. Thanks for the first question to my blog!
    Great to know someone is reading.
    There are three ways to emotionally connect. Stories, eye contact and the I-You ratio. The best way to use the I-You ratio is to address as many remarks as possible from the audience point of view. In other words, do NOT say “I am going to tell you…”
    INSTEAD “In the next 30 minutes you will learn….”
    NOT…”I am here to tell you about our products…”
    INSTEAD…”You have an incredible challenge in your business. Your Board of Directors has challenged you with…… In the next 20 minutes, you will learn how ABC product can help you….”
    That type of thing. Helpful? Fripp

  3. Yes, thank you! Especially utilizing “I-You.” I see how using it quickly bridges the gap between speaker and listener. It immediately speaks to listener’s need and their eventual benefit. An enthusiastic, genuine tone goes a long way too in connecting with an audience.
    I’m a pastor in rural Kansas. I discovered you when searching for information about your brother (KC fan since early 80’s). Been on your email list now for over a year. Looking forward to this blog. I love speaking and the applied art of getting better.

  4. What a great idea! Here’s a question:
    I have a speaking engagement the last week of this month (Jan 2005) and I’m debuting my first and new ‘system’ offered to my small business clients. I’d like to take advantage of ‘back of the room’ sales but, my product is not ready yet. Should I cram and create the information product and offer web updates or should I go in without a product to sell and risk losing sales altogether? If create the product, should I bring product with me or bring one sample and send the product by email after the conference? I’m quite sure that the attendees will not be able to afford to work with me one on one but, will be more than able to afford a manual that takes them step-by-step through the system.
    Thanks in advance!

  5. Why not take your time with your product and make it really good. Collect cards for those interested and get a Credit Card number on the back. Tell them you will run it when the order is shipped. Say you will give a bonus for ordering in advance! Always add a surprise. We add a bonus to every order than has more value than the shipping. The more the clients order, the more we add for free!

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