How Engineers Can Become Great Speakers Easily, Conveniently and Quickly

With Patricia Fripp and FrippVT, you can now choose the solution that’s best for your needs. The benefits of Fripp’s approach include:

  • Expand your sales force without expanding your headcount
  • Increase the impact of sales conversations and demos
  • Leverage your brilliant team members with greater precision to close more deals in less time.

Patricia Fripp is teaching, coaching, and training executives and engineers to speak more effectively for decades. 

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Amazing But True: How to Guarantee You Transform Into Public Speaking Superstars

Here's the Proof:

Sales training for engineers

Each year we hold two large customer conferences that attract more than 7000 attendees from across 70+ countries. These events have become very popular due to our high-quality technical breakout sessions.

Many of our Nutanix speakers in these sessions are engineers and technical architects. While expert in their specific area, very few are comfortable or experienced in speaking to audiences of 200-500 attendees.

For the past two years, we have engaged Patricia Fripp to help our nearly 100 speakers solidify their presentation structure and script their content to ensure that it is clear, concise, and engaging for all attendees, including those for whom English is their second or third language.

In addition to the intensive pre-event coaching, Patricia also works with our speakers on-site, perfecting their delivery and making sure they are comfortable and confident in the environment.

Patricia is absolutely best-in-class. Her decades of presentation and coaching experience are obvious, as well as her genuine passion to see our speakers do well. She is their biggest cheerleader!

Her overall excellence and personal commitment to our speakers is unmatched, and that is why Patricia’s coaching sessions are always oversubscribed. Our presenters know the value she brings and are always eager to sign up for additional training. Presenter training has gone from mandatory to sought-after.

Since Patricia has been part of our team our customers have told us that our breakout sessions are some of the best they’ve ever attended and have raved about speaker professionalism.

We consider the investment in Patricia a ‘must-have’ part of our events. She is part of the team. I’m honestly a bit reluctant to recommend Patricia publicly. We’d very much like to have her work exclusively with Nutanix.

We are now leveraging Patricia in other areas outside of public events. She is now coaching speakers for our high-visibility Executive Briefing Center. Not surprisingly, we’re receiving the same outstanding feedback from these presenters, too.

Greg Smith, Vice President, Product Marketing at Nutanix

After 30 years of training technology business leaders to get their points across more effectively, Patricia Fripp believes that engineers can provide tremendous opportunities for corporate revenue growth. She also believes that any engineer can be trained to become an effective sales asset with a combination of personal training and her interactive, web-based virtual training.

The main reason it’s vital to train engineers to speak effectively and sell is because they are on the front line with customers and prospects. They are knowledgeable about the companies products and services. 

To achieve revenue goals, technology-centric companies need more engineers with good presentation and sales skills to build customer trust and increase technology adoption. Fripp sums it up in a single word: trust.

The challenge has been figuring out the best way to get engineers and technical professionals the sales-focused, presentation skills training they need in a manner that’s both effective and economical. Companies need a training solution that matches their needs, schedules, and budgets. As a result of this demand, Patricia Fripp offers the following solutions to build your engineering team into a fighting force to support your sales efforts.

Hire Patricia for Presentation Skills Training

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