How to Effectively Capture An Audience’s Attention

Lisa Poole knows how to capture an audience’s attention.

Can you deliver a technical, industry-specific presentation and add theatrical techniques?

Yes, here is a great example of an industry expert who knows how to open her presentation with impact and capture an audience’s attention.

Lisa Poole VP, Application Configuration and Operations Consultant at SunTrust Bank is one of the speakers at the American Payroll Association. Each year there are hundreds of breakout sessions; most are highly technical. Engaging an audience and immediately and proving to them that, “This will not be dull” can be a challenge.

This is how Lisa Poole from SunTrust did it. Lisa knows how to capture an audience’s attention and gave me permission to share this with you. See how you can adapt this concept to your industry.

“For the past 13 years, I have enjoyed and benefited from being in your pre-Congress speaker training Patricia. The American Payroll Association’s commitment to constantly improving the presentation skills of its speakers is commendable. The techniques you have provided have helped me create the introduction below for this year’s Congress session on Adding Value to Your Organization through Job Costing:

Good Morning! Did you enjoy last evening’s Payroll Palooza? After that party I bet you slept very soundly! Would it interest you to know that 37 separate components go into making the mattress you slept on? While working at Simmons Bedding Company, I learned that we manufactured over 50 different styles of mattresses that were comprised of up to 37 distinct parts. Imagine the following job positions having a hand at making your great night’s sleep last night:

A Cutter and Closer

A Sewer and Quilter

A Coiler and Foamer

A Hog Ringer and Nailer

A Ruffler and Borderer – is that even a word?

A Baler and an Edger

An Assembler and Stitcher

A Topper and Stager

A Builder and Mechanic

A Packer and Shipper

An Inspector and Sweeper

A Scanner and an Upholsterer

And finally, a Capper!

And I’m sure I left a few off of this list!

Our Production Managers knew to the penny the exact cost of each mattress type by raw material and labor function. In the next 90 minutes, we will share with you what costing is, the different types of costs, what to consider in setting up a costing system, and the elements that will make your costing solution a success.

Our session was delivered by three subcommittee members. Based on their enthusiastic response, we were able to make job costing a little more exciting. Some of our examples and this lead-in showed the complexity that we as ‘Payroll Pros’ should be aware of in order to be valued partners in our business. Thanks for the help!”

“Open with impact and close on a high!”

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Patricia Fripp has been helping the American Payroll Association deliver powerful presentations for over 20 years.

Lisa is a nationally recognized subject matter expert in Payroll Auditing, Compliance, and Operations. She is the recipient of the American Payroll Association’s Meritorious Service Award and 2007, Special Recognition Award in 2011, APA Hall of Fame inductee, and 2012-2014 APA President’s Board of Advisors. Lisa shares her knowledge and experience with the heart of a teacher.

Now you have an example of how to capture an audience’s attention.

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