How to Report to Senior Management without Being Nervous

Conference Room Report to Senior Management

You can report to senior management without being nervous, whether it’s a formal presentation or a boardroom conversation.

As a Presentation Skills Expert, I’m often asked, “Patricia, how do I report to my senior management without being nervous?” The secret is to be prepared, clear, concise, and to act confident. Now, how do you appear confident when you’re nervous?

First, prepare. Script out exactly what you are going to say, at least the opening of your presentation or conversation. It could be as simple as, “Thank you for the opportunity to update you on our project” or “The purpose of our meeting is to . . . ” or “As you will remember, at our last meeting you challenged us to . . .” (more…)

What Should You Wear When You Are Giving a Speech?

When you have to give a speech or presentation, how do you decide what to wear? Maybe you haven’t considered how your appearance can influence your audience’s response to you? In this short video, I share a few tips, for both men and women, on how to dress in a manner that will support your message rather than detract from it.


Do You Know How to Keep A Remote Audience Engaged?

Screenshot Patricia Fripp FrippVT

Through FrippVT, Executive Speech Coach, Patricia Fripp teaches speakers how to engage with a remote audience.

Ambitious individuals realize that powerful and persuasive business communication skills are critical to success. Ever-evolving technology and shrinking travel budgets make face-to-face meetings increasingly rare. Our latest communications challenge is to deliver effective business presentations remotely.  (more…)

Do You Know, Like & Trust Your Customers?

Shep Hyken explains how to know, like and trust our customers, so they will in turn know, like and trust us.

Shep Hyken asks, “Does your customer feel a sense of loyalty from you?”

Your best customers are the hottest prospects for your competitors. The most effective sales strategies are not just about getting customers, but also deserving and keeping them. Customer experience expert, Shep Hyken and I recently joined forces to discuss how to create a culture of service and make it part of an ongoing sales strategy. Enjoy a replay of our web event at the end of this article – brilliant advice from Shep on building customer loyalty:

Do You Know, Like & Trust Your Customers?
by Shep Hyken