Training Breakthrough Webinar Series

Patricia Fripp

Patricia Fripp

Just a heads up in case you are interested… Along with my good friends, Hall of Fame speaker, customer service expert, and this year’s National Speakers Association President Shep Hyken; Hall of Fame speaker, leadership expert, and popular author Mark Sanborn; and sales guru and author Jeffrey Gitomer, I am part of a Tortal Training’s Breakthrough Ideas in Training webinar series. In total, you can learn from 22 training experts. (more…)

Leadership – It’s Not about Who Has The Best Ideas

Laura Stack

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP

My friend and colleague, Laura Stack’s newest book, Execution IS the Strategy was released today. Laura has been working with leaders in the areas of strategy execution, employee productivity, and team performance for 22 yeas; she is a true expert in her field. In Execution IS the Strategy, Laura explains that a leader’s biggest challenge isn’t creating the strategy—it’s executing the strategy. It’s not about who has the best ideas—it’s who executes their ideas the best. Laura shows us how to quickly drive strategic initiatives and get results from our teams. She shares her L-E-A-D Formula™ with us; consider whether you have the necessary elements in place for successful strategy execution and identify the areas that need improvement: (more…)

What’s Your Cat’s Name? a Team-Building Exercise

Games are an ancient and fun way to get people interacting, even in stressful situations. At one of my seminars, an attendee, Susan Peters of BorgWarner PTC Shared Services, shared this technique that she and her colleagues had found very valuable.

“After one of the sessions,” said Susan, “we spoke briefly about our company’s struggles while we are combining five divisions under one ‘happy roof’ with a shared services department acting as the building cheerleaders. In addition to the day-to-day payroll, our jobs are HR, IT, and finance, getting everyone to work together as a team.

“As a team-building exercise within the Shared Services area, we were all instructed to send three interesting facts about ourselves to the meeting organizer, Laurie Schamber, Manager of Organizational Learning. Her staff then took these facts and made up bingo cards, no two alike. When we got to the meeting, we were each handed a card and given twenty minutes to quiz the others in the room, trying to match the people to their squares on their card. (more…)

How to Make Your Employees Look Good!

4 Questions to Help You Boost Your Company Image 

You know everyone in your organization or department is a top professional, but how are they perceived by others? Do your employee’s actions, attitudes, dress, and communication skills really “sell” your image to the public, upper management, or others in your industry?

Here are four questions to ask yourself. (more…)