Leadership – It’s Not about Who Has The Best Ideas

Laura Stack

Laura Stack, MBA, CSP

My friend and colleague, Laura Stack’s newest book, Execution IS the Strategy was released today. Laura has been working with leaders in the areas of strategy execution, employee productivity, and team performance for 22 yeas; she is a true expert in her field. In Execution IS the Strategy, Laura explains that a leader’s biggest challenge isn’t creating the strategy—it’s executing the strategy. It’s not about who has the best ideas—it’s who executes their ideas the best. Laura shows us how to quickly drive strategic initiatives and get results from our teams. She shares her L-E-A-D Formula™ with us; consider whether you have the necessary elements in place for successful strategy execution and identify the areas that need improvement: (more…)

“And What do YOU Do?” A Simple Booster That Adds to Productivity!

If we want to have strong, self-confident teams in our businesses, let’s ask, listen, and learn about each other’s accomplishments. You’ll be amazed at the talent all around you, some that even your colleagues may not acknowledge in themselves.

One of the best ways to feel connected with others in a company is to have good meetings, the kind where information is shared and people leave energized and ready for challenges. When I owned my hairstyling salon, I opened our regular staff meetings by asking everyone to share what they were most proud of in their personal and professional lives since the previous meeting. Too often, such e=vents go unacknowledged by us. The discipline of needing to report made everyone more aware. (more…)

A Team Is More than a Group of People

When John Amatt led the 1982 Canadian team on a successful Mount Everest Expedition, only three people reached the summit. Many climbers who were part of the team, whose lifetime ambition was to stand on top of Everest, made the conscious choice to stay in the base camp. Why? Because they knew the effort was likely to fail if everyone tried to make it. They chose to forego their individual dreams in favor of helping the team succeed.

This wasn’t John Amatt’s first time to plan an Everest expedition. Ten years earlier, with one of his friends from Norway, he had gathered a team of world-class climbers from many different countries, for the challenge. But at the last minute, he backed out. Officially, it was to get married. “But that was just an excuse,” he said later. “I knew that, despite having the best climbers in the world, this expedition would not succeed. Everyone wanted to reach the top for their own glory or that of their country. No one seemed willing to make decisions for the good of the team.” (more…)

How to Make Your Employees Look Good!

4 Questions to Help You Boost Your Company Image 

You know everyone in your organization or department is a top professional, but how are they perceived by others? Do your employee’s actions, attitudes, dress, and communication skills really “sell” your image to the public, upper management, or others in your industry?

Here are four questions to ask yourself. (more…)