Make Decisions for Your Tomorrows Not Just Your Todays

Make your decisions for your tomorrows not just your todays. - Patricia Fripp

“Make your decisions for your tomorrows not just your todays.” – Patricia Fripp

It’s a thrill to be honored as one of the National Speakers Association’s 10 Leading Ladies! All of us have served as president of the Association over the last forty-three years.

The NSA was only 10 years old, when I became its first woman president. As young association, one of our greatest “growing up” challenges was to stop simply worrying each year, “What are we going to do this year?” and to start thinking long-term. (more…)

The Day King Crimson Exploded onto The Scene

Patricia & Robert Fripp at The Lady & the Champs Speakers' Conference 2015

Patricia & Robert Fripp at The Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference

My brother, Robert Fripp is known around the world as a legendary guitarist and a member of King Crimson, but not everyone knows he is in fact a superb and entertaining speaker!  I recently had the pleasure of presenting with him at the 2015 Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference. (Our presentations were recorded and are now available.) I loved this article, featured last week on the Discipline Global Mobile website – Sid Smith shares the history of a remarkable King Crimson milestone.  Enjoy! (more…)

Toastmasters Awards Golden Gavel to Nobel Peace Prize Winner

2015 Toastmasters Golden Gavel Recipient & Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus

2015 Toastmasters Golden Gavel Recipient & Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Muhammad Yunus

Toastmasters International is a non-profit educational organization teaching public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network. I am honored to deliver the opening keynote at the 2015 Toastmasters International Convention in Las Vegas this August. The last time I addressed a Toastmasters International Convention was in 2001, when I watched my colleague, Darren LaCroix, win the World Championship of Public Speaking and my friend, a fellow NSA (National Speakers Association) Past President, Jim Cathcart win Toastmasters Golden Gavel Award.  Darren LaCroix will also be speaking this year and with the 2015 Golden Gavel going to Nobel Peace Prize winner, Muhammad Yunus of Bangladesh, this promises to be a truly international and exciting event! (more…)

Public Speaking – You Did Everything Wrong & You Were Great!

Jeff Salz

This brave man was somewhat daunted the first time he delivered a major presentation in front of me.

My remarkable friend, Dr. Jeff Salz is an anthropologist, explorer, expedition leader, and professional speaker. Jeff is an adventurer from birth. At seventeen, he was solo traveling around the globe – ice climbing in New Zealand and living on vampire bats in the jungles of New Caledonia. After decades of exploration and his study of human nature around the world, he is equally at home leading in a boardroom of Fortune 100 executives or around a bonfire with tribesmen in the Upper Amazon. One trait that makes Jeff an excellent speaker is his authenticity. (more…)