How to Be a Better Speaker – Avoid This Bad Habit

Patricia Fripp, Executive Speech Coach & Creator of FrippVT

As an executive speech coach, I remind clients that specificity builds credibility. Eliminate words that have no meaning. It’s a bad habit to start sentences with a meaningless “And…” or “But…” This is true both in writing and speaking.

When I spoke at the Ragan Speech Writers conference, I met experts like Rob Reinalda, Executive Editor at Lawrence Ragan Communications. I share Bob’s excellent recommendations, first published in Ragan Communications, to improve your public speaking and business communications. Let Bob’s advice help you to choose your words carefully to build credibility, sound intelligent, and make your message understood. (more…)

The Rabbi at The Majestic: Wisdom in A Few Words

I share this perspective on life and speaking from my brother, Robert Fripp, founding and ongoing member of the band King Crimson. Enjoy!


How to Be Memorable with Personal Stories

Your speeches are more effective when you include great personal stories.


How Can You Grab Your Audience? Expert Advice from Hollywood

In the classic movie Gone with The Wind, Vivien Leigh captures the audience from her first moment on screen.

Grab your audience in the first 30 seconds. If you don’t, you will lose them. This is true both in movies and in public speaking.