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"Add Hollywood Techniques to Leadership Presentations: Patricia Fripp Keynote Speaker" [04:03]

These Presentations Help Companies Gain a Competitive Edge

As an award-winning, Hall of Fame speaker and one of Meetings & Conventions magazine’s top 10 most electrifying speakers, professional keynote speaker Patricia Fripp is the insurance package your event needs, delivering high-energy, high-content, and dramatically memorable presentations. Most clients engage Patricia to deliver a keynote speech and multiple breakout sessions at the same conference. This will maximize your budget and reinforce a consistent message.

Under the Magnifying Glass: Good to Great Presentations!

Effective presentation skills can mean the difference between business and career life or death. Nobody is better than Patricia Fripp at helping you become a great public speaker. Her specific techniques will give you the public speaking skills you need to guarantee that both you and your presentations are memorable for all the right reasons.

“Another triumph. How you can reduce this group of long-experienced, overeducated, well-connected, ultra-sophisticated and, in some cases, cynical speechwriters to a bunch of awestruck, gasping schoolboys and -girls, I will never know, even though I’ve watched it happen twice! Thanks for yet another great show.”

David Murray, Publisher, Chairman, Ragan Speechwriters Conference



Powerful Persuasive Presentations: Your Competitive Edge


Good presentation skills are no longer just nice skills to have; they can be a matter of business life or death. What if every time you delivered a speech you were powerfully persuasive and connected with your audience? Patricia Fripp’s five presentation techniques guarantee your success.

"APA is extremely grateful for your two decades of engagement and support in speaking, training, and coaching.”

Dan Maddux, Executive Director, American Payroll Association


super-starSuper Star Sales Presentations: The Inside Secrets


Have you lost sales that you feel you deserved to make? Avoid the major and common mistakes that hold you back you from closing the sale. Learn how you can incorporate Patricia Fripp’s five most valuable sales presentation techniques to increase your sales.

“Hiring Patricia Fripp is the best investment I have ever made in my company, my employees, and myself. With Patricia’s help, our presentations have driven sales results.”

Michael V. Shustek, Chief Executive Officer & Director, MVP Reit

Powerful ExecutivePowerful Executive Presentations: Build Commitment and Action


What would it mean to you and your company if every time you delivered a speech you were powerfully persuasive, clearly concise, and inspired your team to success? Adopt Patricia Fripp’s five power presentation techniques, and get known as the Corporate Rock Star you were born to be!

 “The leadership of FOCUS Learning Corporation appreciates your efforts towards our conference success. Your preparation for your keynote, 'How to Take the Conference Home,' was amazing. Even with your preparation interviews of our clients, our president had no idea it was possible to deliver an upbeat keynote on technical issues. You did your homework and brought us an outstanding wrap-up that tied things together. I don't know how you can absorb all of that new material and then go forward incorporating key facts and people in your speech. You really did your homework, and it also takes talent and skill to be such a powerful speaker. Our leadership was very impressed with what you accomplished.”

Dianne Moore, Conference Coordinator, FOCUS Learning Corporation

sellingSelling Yourself and Your Ideas


Do you have the competitive edge that comes from speaking with confidence in all situations? The position, salary, and respect you deserve? If you have brilliant ideas without the skill to share them, you’ll never get credit for having them. In this fun and interactive session, you will learn career-building strategies to make a long-term impact on your career and future success.

“Patricia Fripp is the BEST keynote speaker and investment! She keynoted our major client conference, 'Meeting of The Minds,' and was a HIT! After her opening keynote, she conducted HALF of the ten best breakout sessions. Based on this incredible feedback, we invited her back the next year for an equally successful repeat performance. We were so impressed by Patricia's performance that we have engaged her for executive speech coaching and sales presentation skills training.”

Dave Larson VP, Client Marketing, ADP National Account Services

opportunityOpportunity Does Not Knock Once; Recognize the Sound


Learn how to identify and maximize opportunities everywhere through this entertaining, thought-provoking keynote. Understand your natural ability and talents. Acknowledge your past successes and build on them. Develop new skills, habits, and attitudes that drive business and career success.

“For many of the attendees, your presentation was the pinnacle. You certainly showed Zig Ziglar and Mark Victor Hansen how to give a talk! I have never worked with a speaker who takes their job as seriously as you do. You are a credit to NSA and your profession.”

John Welshons, Convention Chair, American Cemetery Association

Effective Presentations in the Workplace

Being well-educated, intelligent and ambitious is a great start to building career success. However, you are smart enough to know the higher up the corporate ladder you go the more important your communication and presentation skills become. Learn to communicate clearly, concisely and with credibility no matter if your audience is one or one hundred. Benefit from Patricia Fripp’s over 30 years of public speaking experience.

“At three different companies I have watched Patricia Fripp work her sales presentation magic. At First American Home Warranty, it is no surprise that she has done it again. After seeing her in person, my team was buzzing about diving into Fripp VT. Patricia always delivers on everything she promises. I am grateful and excited to bring her talents to our company. I truly love working with her as she helps me take our group to the next level.”

Tracy Berger,  Senior V.P. of Sales, First American Home Warranty

Why Patricia Fripp? Watch to Find Out! [01:11]

brotherRobert Fripp and Patricia Fripp


Patricia Patricia's brother Robert Fripp is internationally-known for his brilliance with the guitar, is fast developing a reputation as a thoughtful and engaging speaker. Their programs "Beginner to Mastery" and "How to Be a Hero for More Than One Day" have been hits everywhere delivered.


What Clients are Saying...


Patricia Fripp addressed the Michigan Credit Union League Conference, and her presentation on "Leadership Presentations: How to Inspire Action and Commitment" was a great success. She demonstrated what it means to hold the audience in the palm of your hand. At the same time, she told the audience exactly how to do that in our presentations. We laughed, learned, and walked away committed to focusing more on the power of our own presentations.

Fripp teaches more than public speaking; she teaches you how to put "wow" into your presentations. Even if you never give a formal speech, her ideas, techniques, and suggestions will help improve your personal speaking skills and style. If your goal is to improve the communication of your leaders and associates, then Fripp is for you!

– Renee L. Werth, Vice President of Education & Events Michigan Credit Union League

Your presentation was exciting, inspirational, moving, entertaining, funny and filled with substance. For many of the attendees your presentation was the pinnacle. In point of fact, I have never worked with a speaker who takes their job as seriously as you do. Your interest in our association, our industry and our needs, your tireless preparation and thought over the past year proved to be obvious when you stood in front of our group.

– John E. Welshons, Convention Chair American Cemetery Association


Thank you for the 7 spectacular presentations at our year end workshops. The clients loved you!

– Lois Fried, CPP, Client Trainer ADP




How do you do it? For over twenty years you have continued to top yourself. Thank you so much for your many extraordinary contributions to the success of the American Payroll Association's  conventions.

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director American Payroll Association




As usual, your keynote speech at Microsoft was terrific. All day the buzz was about your keynote.

– Bill Koefoed, General Manager, Investor Relations Microsoft




Thank you so much for a wonderful job at our National Sales Conference. We are receiving very positive feedback from your sessions!

– Lyn Karnstedt, Sales Training & Development FedEX




Thank you for an outstanding performance in our Fall Marketing Conference. You are extremely interesting, very energetic and you closed our conference with a bang.

– Michael MacGee, Vice President Capitol BlueCross / Blue Shield


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