Robert Fripp and Patricia Fripp

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Meet your sibling presenters: Patricia Fripp is an award-winning speaker, in-demand executive speech coach, sales presentation skills trainer. Robert Fripp is a founding and on-going member of King Crimson, Rolling Stone magazine's 42nd best guitarist in the world. Collaborator and/or contributor to David Bowie, David Sylvian, Brian Eno, and Blondie. He is an intelligent, funny, and profound speaker.


From Beginner to Mastery: The Seven Levels to Success

With Robert Fripp and Patricia Fripp

Music is a wonderful language of analogy and metaphor. Are we in tune? Are we in tone? Are we in time? When we are in tune we move from the possible to the impossible.

Presented in a conversational and compelling way, you will learn how the principles of building a legendary musical career are similar for any other career success.

The Fripp kids will discuss how to:

  • Develop your personal discipline and practice
  • Learn to develop your division of attention
  • Understand the difference between universal principle, rules, and laws
  • Know how to get prepared for a performance (of any sort)
  • Reflect on your experience so it may nourish you
From Beginner to Mastery—segment four
Segment Four: King Crimson Was Born and Jimi Hendrix [07:47]

How to Be a Hero for More Than One Day

With Robert Fripp and Patricia Fripp

Robert Fripp played on David Bowie's Heroes, considered by many to be the anthem of a generation. Using that experience as a framework and other interesting situations from his musical career, you will hear Robert discuss:

  • The three types of heroes
  • What the hero aspires to
  • The important role every-day heroes make in an organization
  • Why simple acts of quality transform our world
  • The assumption of innocence within a context of experience
How to Be a Hero—segment four
Segment Four: Three Types of Heroes [04:59]



Robert, your presentation was as insightful as it was sensationally delivered. Our opening general sessions of 1,200 audience members were enraptured by the fascinating stories of your most amazing career in the music industry.

Many of our APA members have long admired King Crimson and your prowess as one of the best guitarist of all time. However, it didn't matter that you are a famous musician, the wisdom you shared has direct parallels to every aspect of life and growth potential. Your humble eloquence makes your wisdom so easy for everyone to walk away with value. Your grip on the audience was as tight as your holding onto your guitar pic!

Your dual performance with your sister Patricia was truly the highlight of the day. How one set of parents could product two multi-talented overachievers and true success is truly homage to Edie and Arthur Fripp.

Thank you Robert for bringing real star power to our annual APA convention.

– Dan Maddux, Executive Director
American Payroll Association


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