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Patricia Fripp

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Patricia successfully partners with her clients to create dramatic results.

“Your ability to hold an audience in the palm of your hand with a story is incredible. Your talent in turning a speaker into a world champion on the fly in front of a packed audience is even more amazing. When COVID-19 turned everything into a virtual experience, you were the first speaker and trainer I thought of to help us break through the noise and attract a crowd.

When our community hears you are presenting, the registration numbers skyrocket. Mixing your inspirational stories combined with digital elements like video keep the audience engaged and wanting more! They keep asking 'When can we get Fripp back?'”

Michelle Kabele, Channel Marketing
Zebra Technologies

Since 2015 Patricia's coaching, training, and presenting have successfully been conducted virtually.
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“When we hired Patricia Fripp to improve our sales conversations and presentations, my expectations were high. Patricia Fripp’s customized approach before, during, and after with her FrippVT online learning has resulted in more and larger sales. Patricia’s ability to excite, inform, and coach our team was impressive.”

Scott Hamilton, Vice President of Sales, Distech Controls

“Patricia Fripp is the “Miracle Grow” ingredient that has boosted my comprehension and confidence managing large conventions. Her insight and genuine desire to go “all in” is one of my greatest tangible tools. Her level of engagement is remarkable, and her Patricia’s multifaceted talent is a precious gift to me and our association.”

William Dambacher, Director of Operations
American Payroll Association

“We consider the investment in Patricia’s speech coaching of our technical experts a ‘must-have’ part of our events. She is part of the team. We’d very much like to have her work exclusively with Nutanix. We are now leveraging Patricia in other areas outside of public events and our high-visibility Executive Briefing Center. Not surprisingly, we’re receiving the same outstanding feedback from these presenters, too.”

Greg Smith, Vice President
Product Marketing Nutanix