How to Make a Good Presentation Great

Good to Great Presentations Virtual Keynote Speech Patricia Fripp

Under the Magnifying Glass: Good to Great Presentations Virtual Keynote Speech

Delivered by Hall of Fame keynote speaker and presentation skills expert Patricia Fripp. This was delivered at District 1 Toastmasters Spring Conference 2020.

The keynote content covered in this presentation is on how to connect to your audience, options of how to open with impact, story improving techniques, and how specificity builds credibility.

Patricia’s online learning platform is the best way to learn presentation skills easily, quickly, conveniently, and cost-effectively.

How to Use Zoom for Business & Look Like an Expert

With hundreds of millions now working from home and communicating through Zoom, you have an advantage when you understand how to make Zoom work for you. Patricia Fripp and Director of Client Experience for FrippVT, Paul Griffin team up to share their best practices and technical expertise to help you get the most from Zoom:


How to Be Memorable with Personal Stories

Your speeches are more effective when you include great personal stories.


How to Open Your Presentation – Don’t Waste Words

When you open your presentation, you have just thirty seconds to command your audience’s attention. Don’t waste your opening words. Prepare a winning opening and give it extra attention as you rehearse your presentation.

A relevant and compelling quote is one way to open a presentation and engage your audience. General Eisenhower said, “Leadership is the ability to decide what has to be done and then to get people to want to do it.” When I talk on leadership, I might start with that quote. I’m also a believer in quoting others besides Dead White Men – not that many haven’t said wonderful and true things. (more…)