The Day King Crimson Exploded onto The Scene

Patricia & Robert Fripp at The Lady & the Champs Speakers' Conference 2015

Patricia & Robert Fripp at The Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference

My brother, Robert Fripp is known around the world as a legendary guitarist and a member of King Crimson, but not everyone knows he is in fact a superb and entertaining speaker!  I had the pleasure of presenting with him at the 2015 Lady & the Champs Speakers’ Conference. (Our presentations were recorded and are now available.) I loved this article, featured last week on the Discipline Global Mobile website – Sid Smith shares the history of a remarkable King Crimson milestone.  Enjoy! (more…)

Robert Fripp Shares The Steps to Take to Go from Beginner to Mastery

Robert Fripp Rehearsing with Andy Summers, From a BBC Documentary on Robert Fripp

Robert Fripp Rehearsing with Andy Summers – from the BBC Documentary on Robert Fripp

My brother, Robert Fripp, is the subject of a fascinating BBC documentary. Though he wouldn’t describe himself this way – he is truly a legendary guitarist and included on Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists.

Have you ever wanted to get up close and personal with Robert Fripp?

Are you curious about what he really thinks of life as a musician, the steps to take to go from beginner to mastery, and the responsibility of a musician and the audience for the quality of a musical performance?

Would you like to hear him tell his stories about having Jimi Hendrix say, “Shake my left hand, man; it’s closer to my heart.”? (more…)

Public Speaking & Performance – Are You Nervous?

Robert Fripp, Legendary Guitarist and My Brother

My Brother, Robert Fripp, Legendary Guitarist

As an executive speech coach, people will confess to me, “Public speaking makes me nervous!” Are you one of these people?

If your lack of confidence stems from a lack of experience or know-how, you can change this with help from a professional. I recommend you seek out and take advantage of public speaking articles, videos, coaching, and training. With the right help, you can quickly transform your presentation skills and gain the confidence you need. That being said, even experienced speakers get nervous.

My brother, Robert Fripp, is a world-renowned guitarist and a founding member of the band, King Crimson. I find there are many parallels between public speaking and musical performance. Both can create an adrenaline rush, and you may feel charged with energy or a bit nervous when you take the stage. (more…)

Public Speaking – Are You Afraid of Failure?

Legendary Guitarist, Robert Fripp with Guitar

Legendary Guitarist, Robert Fripp (My Brother)

My brother, the legendary guitarist Robert Fripp says that with music as with speaking, “When you do something well, everyone says, ‘Oh, he’s a natural.’ ‘Oh, she doesn’t have to worry; this comes naturally.’ However, even when it appears effortlesseven with natural talent – you still need the discipline of following the process and doing the work.”

Sometimes “following the process” means pushing through experiences that feel like complete failures. My friend, Sims Wyeth, author of The Essentials of Persuasive Public Speaking, offers this perspective to help you better handle moments of “failure” in your public speaking:

Fail Your Way to Success
by Sims Wyeth (more…)