Are You Confident Your Sales Presentations are Consistently More Compelling than Your Competition's?

Outperform Your Competition Through Effective Sales Presentations

Imagine your salespeople in front of your prospects. If their sales presentations are anything less than powerful, professional, polished, and focused on the needs of your clients, you’re in the right place. With the Patricia Fripp sales presentation process:
  • You can increase your sales and reputation
  • Your sales professionals will become more powerfully persuasive
  • Your team can position you ahead of your competition
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What Clients are Saying...


Thank you for all your help at the National Sales Conference.  We have a veteran group of sales people, and many times these groups are hard to impress.  Your sales presentations skills sessions really delivered, and they loved it!  Everyone felt Frippnotized!

– Jeff Walters, Vice President, North American Sales, Peak-Ryzex

Based on my personal experience of working with Patricia Fripp at my last company, I knew she would have an immediate impact on our sales teams. Our expectation was to have actionable ideas for our sellers to walk away with.

Over the course of the meeting, we saw people begin to adopt Patricia’s ideas and best practices. Our seasoned sales professionals were excited and willing to try her sales presentation techniques.

Additionally, to ensure she had context for her content, Patricia conducted interviews prior to our conference and participated in the full meeting. This went a long way toward building credibility with the sales force.

Patricia was flexible and creative in working with us to create a high-impact program within the constraints of our time and budget.

Our internal and sales professionals said that it was time well spent. When we get together only once a year, we must be judicious in planning our agenda. Patricia’s session left the sales team energized and excited about what they had learned, ready to put her techniques into action. Many commented it was some of the best sales training they had received.

– Juliann Larimer, President & CEO, Peak-Ryzex

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