Speaking & Presentation Skills Coaching

What is Speech Coaching Worth to You?

Imagine that you have just finished your presentation, and it was a wild success. You have connected indelibly with your audience, being memorably dramatic and uncannily persuasive.

What would such a triumph be worth to you and your bottom line over the next five years? Patricia Fripp can help you achieve this! Are you eager to acquire an "unfair advantage" over your competition, that "being slightly better" edge that makes you stand out? Are you excited about taking years off your learning curve? Gaining these enormous advantages is why ambitious professionals commit to Fripp's serious professional coaching. (And, while her training sessions are fun, they do require a commitment. Experts have compared Fripp's corporate speaking coaching to training for the Olympics.)

Gere Publishing

You are a master at turning a boring speech into an amazing one that is impassioned, entertaining, educational, relevant and profound.

Claudia Gere
Claudia Gere & Co. LLC


Improve Your Convention Speakers

You can make your company meetings more exciting - even if you or your executives have never spoken in public before. Fripp will guide you through the complete process of crafting the content, organizing and delivering the speech. You'll learn to make powerful, persuasive and effective presentations.


After Patricia Fripp worked with our sales team for one day, we totally rewrote our sales presentation based on her invaluable advice. Since then, we have enjoyed dramatic results and significantly higher sales. She is frequently quoted by all our sales people. A day with Fripp was a great investment.

Joe Wester, Senior Vice President
SalesLink, A CMGI Company


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Coaching Individuals for Meetings

One of her most popular and favorite assignments is group training, honing and coaching industry leaders on site just before a conference or convention. (Since she is often speaking at the same conference, this can be cost-effective for the client.)

Would your career benefit from powerful speaking skills and presentations? Here are some people who can boost their futures with intensive speech coaching.

  • Business leaders who need to inspire their teams.
  • Corporate leaders who realize speaking skills can elevate their careers.
  • Salespeople who give presentations before groups or committees.
  • Professional speakers who need some creative fine-tuning or new ideas for their presentation.
  • New and professional speakers who want to start their careers in the right direction.
  • Anyone considering professional speaking as a career.
  • Entrepreneurs who realize speaking can add to their visibility and marketing mix.
  • Authors who need direction to convert their book to a speech.
  • Public figures, sports figures, or celebrities who want to design a public speech.
Business Objects

At the recent SAP BusinessObjects annual sales meeting, Patricia worked closely with our CEO, Bernard Liataud, on both the content creation and the content delivery of his keynote address. She also coached several other members of his senior staff on their respective presentations.

We made the decision to engage Patricia for two major reasons: we wanted to improve the quality and impact of our most important presentations, and we wanted to invest in our senior people as part of their professional development. We believed that this investment would continue to provide benefits that would far outlast any motivational impact that an outside speaker could create.

The results were very positive. Our feedback mechanisms (surveys taken on-site and online surveys conducted a week later) indicated a definite improvement in both the quality of the presentations and the impact of those presentations. Our CEO was particularly pleased with the results he achieved through his commitment to the coaching process and his diligence in taking those lessons to heart. Those presenters who make themselves available to Patricia for one-on-one coaching scored significantly higher than those who did not.

I would recommend Patricia and her services to anyone who is considering working with a speech coach because I believe she brings great experience, a dynamic personality, and a tireless work effort to each and every project she undertakes.

Pat Wynne, Vice President
Human Resources, SAP BusinessObjects

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